Teeth Whitening Reviews

Teeth Whitening Reviews

One of the best ways to decide on which teeth whitening procedure to get is to look at first hand reviews of those who have experienced them! Chances are, the questions that you have, someone else has had. Very commonly, the answers to these questions can be found at different websites on the internet.

Rosie from New York shares her experience with KOR Whitening product. She writes, "I've have been using the Kor Whitening method. I have to say it is incredible. I have tried to whiten my teeth for years with little success. Most dentist just told me flat out that I couldn't achieve anything desirable due to my tetracycline staining. I was ready to save up money for porcelain veneers when I happened to find out about the Kor whitening system. I am absolutely astonished by the results, I never expected to see anything close to this improvement. See before and after photos..."

Carolyn from Oregon tells about her experience with Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects. She writes, "I'm on day 6 and are loving the results! Yes, they will slip a little if you aren't keeping your mouth somewhat still. Yes, I have experienced an increased sensitivity (as warned on the packaging). But they have certainly whitened my teeth, which were discolored from coffee and tea! I feel that my teeth were stained on the outside layers inward (as from foods), not systemically (as from medication use).

It was well worth my investment and will continue to use as needed."

Josh from Philadelphia shares his experience with the Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening System. He writes, "I have my wedding coming up in 1-1/2 weeks so I decided to get this done. I have sensitive gums but everything worked out great!! I was totally pleased with the service. They did the 3-15min sessions and it all went well. I do have a little sensitivity on two of my lower front teeth but other than that everything is good. I drink iced tea everyday all day and this brought my teeth 9 shades lighter!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more pleased at all (other than it was $500) but hey its all worth it when it comes to picture time at the wedding. I definitely will tell everyone that Zoom is great and I would recommend this to everyone."

These and other reviews can be found throughout the internet. Check out some of these sites that provide ratings and reviews:

Animated-Teeth.com is an informative website that has the answers to very frequently asked questions. It also provides reviews of professional teeth whitening system, and compares in-office procedures to at home treatments. The site has animations to give you a better idea of how the process works. Check out the site here: Animated-Teeth.com

Teeth Whitening Review is a website that can give you information and reviews about major teeth whitening companies and products that are currently on the market. Providing information about professional and at home whitening, Teeth Whitening Review allows you to compare customer service, expert opinion, and price. Visit their website here: Teeth Whitening Review

RealSelf.com is an informative website that offers first hand accounts of teeth whitening procedures that include videos, journals, and before and after photographs. The reviews provide in depth details including if the treatment was worth it, the cost of the procedure, and the amount of pain experienced. When making a decision about a teeth whitening procedure, this is a great source to come to. Check out their website here: RealSelf.com

Buzzillions.com takes an interesting approach toward customer reviews, providing specific different products and including customers first hand reactions and reviews. The site rates the product on a five star system, including prices and where the items are sold. If you are looking for a specific product, you can search the site and quickly find what you are looking for. You can check it out here: Buzzillions.com

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